Job Opportunities

hope-and-healingYolo Family Service Agency (YFSA) has positions available for individuals interested in being part of a dynamic organization that positively impacts and strengthens the lives of children and families throughout Yolo County.

Our Agency was founded in 1959 as a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing professional counseling services to families and individuals in Yolo County. Our mission is to alleviate stress and strengthen family life in Yolo County through counseling, psycho-educational and supportive services.

As part of the agency’s ongoing commitment to strengthening family life in Yolo County, YFSA has developed a wide variety of programs and services to meet the needs of families in our communities. Individual, couple, family and child counseling is available, as well as group therapy and educational programs addressing specific issues concerning family life.

Clinical Staff

Are you a Spanish-speaking Clinician in search of a community where you will find excellent training, consultation and camaraderie? Please send your resume to: Edie Dornbush MFT, Clinical Director, to her email at

Yolo Family Service Agency (YFSA) has served clients in Yolo County for more than 55 years. YFSA is dedicated to providing high-quality therapeutic services to undeserved clientele as well as to the broader range of clients interested in psychotherapy services. We are a community based agency that values the importance of professional training, consultation for staff, and more generally the enormous benefit to therapists of sharing common goals, and providing mutual support and understanding while improving practice and providing services to a variety of clients.

Our staff ranges from Supervisors with 20+ years of clinical experience, to clinicians holding licenses for 10-15 years, to students and interns. We have a strong tradition of serving the Spanish-speaking community with bilingual, bi-cultural clinicians. We are especially interested in clinicians with experience working with children and families, as well as clinicians who are already on insurance panels. We will submit the paperwork to have licensed clinicians placed on the insurance panels with whom Yolo Family Service Agency is in-network.

If you are interested in us after reading the above, please send a note to our Executive Director Lester Neblett.