Childrens' Services

Childrens’ Individual Therapy

Play, art, sand tray, board games and physical activities are employed in children’s therapy as a part of the therapeutic process. The therapist provides a safe environment in which the child is encouraged, through art or play, to talk or otherwise express feelings about their worries and concerns. There are board games — not usually available to the public — that assist a therapist in teaching children about handling anger, talking about their feelings or learning to focus. Art therapy allows a child to draw what they are experiencing on paper to express how they feel when words are not readily available to them. Sand play also lets a client express their internal world and tell the therapist what is happening without having to conjure up words. Therapists at Yolo Family are trained to employ the methods that are best for you and your family.

Parents are an important part of the therapy process for children. This means that parents participate in the sessions and are given a few minutes during each visit to discuss their concerns. Occasionally, family therapy is offered. Teens are afforded confidentiality, with parental consultations as the family desires, or when the clinician sees a need.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a specific type of therapy designed for parents with children ages 2-8. This treatment is conducted with the parent and child in a play room and the therapist observing their interaction through a one-way mirror in an adjacent room. The therapist actively coaches the parent through a hidden ear piece worn by the parent in order to increase the parent’s effectiveness in communicating with his or her child. During the course of this type of therapy, parents work on changing negative behaviors by focusing on the positive, as well as, by increasing supportive communication with the child. In the last weeks of therapy parents are taught specific skills to effectively manage their child’s behavior.

We accept most insurances, including Alta, Aetna, Beacon, Blue Shield, Horizon Health, Magellan, MHN, PacifiCare, United Behavioral Heath, and Value Options. We also accept EAP programs and participate with many government agencies. Additionally, we offer a sliding scale for private paying clients.